The Most Powerful Word

This excerpt from Tom Hopkins book, "The Official Guide to Success" is a little long but worth the read. Enjoy! The most powerful word in the English language is balance. Work hard. That’s fine....

Are you capable of thinking outside of the box?

Is it even possible to "think outside of the box"? Maybe. Read for yourself.

Why are women doing ‘Office Housework’?

Do women do the lion’s share of “office housework”, those tasks that help but don’t pay off? Do women’s communal contributions tend simply to “disappear”? Reminder ladies: We achieve the...

How Seattle, San Fran, and Portland entrepreneurs think differently

Seattle entrepreneurs more emotionally stable? Better at coming to an agreement? Bay Area entrepreneurs more conscientious, energetic, and social? Check it out here.

Top companies where women in tech can thrive

"Making up about 23 percent of the technical workforce and earning about 18 percent of computer science degrees, women are underrepresented in the technical workforce, and are leaving the industry at...