Highly-Personalized Executive Search

Are you finding it challenging to attract leaders and key contributors to your company? You’re not alone. High-quality, executive-level talent gets snatched up quickly in such a competitive market. Yet, Archer & Associates continues to find and attract the best people. How do we do it?

The search process was different from what we had experienced in the past and Archer promised it would work. Archer exceeded our expectations and delivered in spades.

– Dave Olson, CFO, Grakon

How We Do It

Our Approach

Our approach is straightforward—we build great relationships with both clients and candidates, enabling us to consistently deliver highly-qualified, affordable, and interested candidates. Our prime directive is to help our clients hire the right people into the right roles.

We can’t reveal all our “secret sauce” but we can tell you our success is directly related to our highly- personalized approach.

  • We focus on you. As executive coaches and search experts, we are masters of discovery and relationships. We ask insightful questions that make a difference. We delve deep to understand our clients’ needs, corporate culture, and priorities, so we know we’re finding the right fit. Same thing goes for our candidates—we take the time to truly understand their purpose and goals.
  • We deliver results, quickly. Our search methodology and process is effective, measurable, and fast. We understand the negative impact of leaving a seat empty for too long. We take pride in our average Time To Hire of 45 to 60 days.
  • We find candidates who hit the mark. We draw from a large network of impressive, experienced, and elite executives and professionals; we continually enrich our relationships with our talent network.
  • We’re experts. Our talented team of executive search and highly trained coaching experts have more than 75 years of combined corporate and search experience; we also LOVE what we do.
  • We understand your business landscape. We help our clients navigate through the many challenges faced by rapid changes in business today.

Our Recruiting Methodology

Our fast, focused, proprietary recruiting methodology enables us to deliver excellent candidates through a blend of the very best practices in targeted outreach and project management.

But we don’t work in a vacuum—we ask our clients some tough questions to clarify their search requirements and drive consensus. In return, we offer complete transparency during the search process by providing regular progress updates, hitting predefined search milestones, and sharing competitive intelligence. You’ll always have a clear view of our efforts while we build your candidate pipeline.

Retained Search Services

If you’re tired of playing the numbers game, sifting through piles of off-target resumes, feeling buyer’s remorse over the wrong hires, or working with ineffective recruiting firms, use our retained search services. Retained search is an effective model for delivering recruiting and search services for clients, particularly when searching for executives.

Find out more about retained search

Women Executives and Diversity

Need to diversify your leadership team? We specialize in placing women in executive positions.Why is it important to hire women and other minorities? Check out some of the latest social science research:

Research has confirmed the benefits of diversity and inclusion

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Find out why it’s a competitive advantage to have women on your executive team or board

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Collective intelligence of an organization is linked to diversity

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Are you a woman looking for an executive position?

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Are you a candidate looking for work?

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Target Industries and Job Functions

Job Functions

  • Key executives
  • Principal level engineers and technologists
  • Senior level program and product managers
  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Operations
  • Human resources
  • Board members
  • Senior-level contributors
  • Passive candidates
  • Difficult-to-find combinations of skills

Target Industries

  • Technology
  • Startups
  • Consulting firms
  • Manufacturing
  • Telecommunications
  • Financial services
  • Women-owned businesses
  • Government agencies

Roles We Have Placed

Local Online Technology Companies:
Vice-President of Engineering
Vice-President of Marketing
Vice-President of Sales
Vice-President of HR (multiple positions)
Director of Marketing
Senior Director of People Development
Director of Consumer Monetization (Marketing)
Director of Finance and Operations
Senior Software Engineer (multiple positions)

Multinational Software Company:
Principal Architects (multiple)
Principal Business Intelligence Solution Architects (multiple)

Local Mobile Identity Protection Company:
Vice-President of Engineering
Senior Systems Engineer (multiple positions)
Senior Software Development Engineer (multiple positions)

Local Online Search Technology Company:
Director of Development
Director, UX
Principle Software Engineer (multiple positions)

Local Green Technology Solutions Company:
Director of Automotive Business Development
Senior Technical Program Manager
Senior Software Engineer

Local Enterprise Portfolio Management Solutions Company:
HR Director
Director of Development, ALM Products
Director of Field Sales (multiple positions across US)
Senior Software Developer (multiple positions)

Local Online Marketing Technology Company:
Vice-President of Client Results (Marketing)
Vice-President of Analytics
Vice-President of Marketing
Senior Database Engineer

Local RFID Solutions Company:
Senior Applications Engineer/Software RFID Products
Principal Software Architect

Global Rope Manufacturing Company:
HR Director
Senior Sales Managers (multiple locations worldwide)

Global Consumer Retail and Kiosk Product and Services Company:
Director of Systems Architecture

Global Professional Services Companies:
Vice-President of Business Development
Technical Program Manager
Director of Technical Services

Global Embedded Software/Monetization Company:
Principal Architect (multiple)
Technical Program Manager
Talent Acquisition Lead

Local Tactical Communications Technology Company:
Chief Engineer
Director of Marketing
Senior Software Development Engineer (multiple)
Vice-President of Business Development
Senior Systems Engineer (multiple)

Global Device Manufacturing Company:
Vice-President of Engineering

Global Lighting Solutions Company:
Senior Human Resource Manager