InterviewContinuing from last week’s post: As Ann-Marie, our CEO, was drafting a short talk for an early morning speaking engagement, we laughed about how incredibly similar the critical parts of a job hunt are, whether you are a candidate looking for the perfect job fit, or whether you are a manager searching for that next great addition to your team. Differentiating Yourself is key!

Here are the keys to Differentiating Yourself whether you’re job hunting or recruiting:
• Hiring Manager or Recruiter: Share the vision of your organization and what’s exciting about that, and how that is getting fulfilled
• Candidate: Share what you are capable of and how that can contribute to an organization
• Don’t be humble
• Hiring Manager or Recruiter: It’s worth the time with Marketing to learn how to message the opportunity
• Candidate: Take the time to consider the message about yourself as a candidate

Coming soon . . . the third Key for Effective Recruiting (or job hunting) in this Market.