InterviewLast in our 3 part series: As our CEO, was drafting a short talk for a speaking engagement, we laughed about how incredibly similar the critical parts of a job hunt are, whether you are a candidate looking for the perfect job fit, or whether you are a hiring manager searching for that next great addition to your team. The third key to the hunt is to use your tools effectively and stay organized! There are a lot of moving pieces and particles to track and none of them are inconsequential.

Use tools and stay organized:
• Network – Get to the “influencers” you know. Get your message out with trusted associates, LinkedIn, Friends, Community Groups, etc.
• Be Creative – Look beyond what you think to do.
• Be organized – How did you get your message out? What did you ask that person? How much contacting are you going to do each day? Use Excel or a similar tool to stay on top of it all.
• Keep a schedule – what happened last with that contact; what’s the next step; and when?