InterviewAs Ann-Marie, our CEO, was drafting her Breakfast Club talk last week for a early morning speech at Bellevue College, she and I started to laugh. The topic was “Three Keys for Effective Recruiting in this Hot Market”. The first Key, of course, is Effective Communication. What made us laugh was that whether you are a candidate looking for the perfect job fit, or you are a manager searching for that next great addition to your team, the same Effective Communication is required during the hunt.

Here are the keys to Effectively Communicating whether you’re hunting or recruiting:

  • Be clear about the goal of all your communications. What is your anticipated outcome with each communication?
  • Prepare for every conversation
  • Ask/Answer questions clearly and concisely
  • Give examples to illustrate your points
  • Hiring Manager or Recruiter: be clear on what attributes you want to hire and message it in a tantalizing way
  • Candidate: be clear on what you want next and how to express that in a tantalizing way

Coming soon . . . the two other Keys for Effective Recruiting (or job hunting) in this Market.