Rediscover your creative spark at work

June 28, 2022
Rediscover your creative spark at work

From a young age, we create. We don’t understand the process. And we don’t need to. We are creating. Be it building a sandcastle in the sandbox or drawing a picture, by nature, we create. That’s what we do.

By the time we’re grown and find ourselves in the workplace, we still have that same desire to create. The trouble comes when we feel we can’t express it any longer, it’s not valued, or we can’t make money from it. Creating loses its importance and relevance in our life. We may be creating at work, but we don’t know what it looks or feels like anymore. We’ve often forgotten the joy, having become removed from what we imagine.

We’re sometimes overtrained, and we overthink what we produce in the drive to be successful. We’ve adopted what others say is success. Our creativity takes a backseat when it’s no longer used. However, we can look in our life to see where that creative spark still exists. And we can build it again in our work, in our day, as if we are still in the sandbox.

Stay tuned as we delve deeper into each one in our upcoming articles.

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