Keep your team moving forward

With stimulating workshops and meeting facilitation services

“Thanks to these workshops…

I'm a stronger leader at recognizing patterns on my leadership team and knowing how to be agile and more focused on driving performance excellence.”
- Chris Valle, Consumer Electronics - Google

Helping you navigate through complex situations and organizational change

With stimulating workshops and meeting facilitation services

Transforming talented people into more effective leaders and better communicators

Our clients have told us they frequently see benefits beyond the business objectives for Workshop and Facilitations. Participants discover a deeper understanding of their thinking and reaction patterns, the reasons behind those actions, and gain greater insight into how they impact others. This includes: 

  • Sharpen clarity around group purpose or problem-solving
  • Increase levels of collaboration with a focus on creativity and innovation
  • Build trust and respect for people's strengths and differences 
  • Improve deep listening and understanding impact on others

Other benefits include improved self-awareness, reduced ego-sensitivities, and exponential growth of productivity, creativity, and innovation.

Archer & Associates utilizes a variety of methodologies and tools to ensure productive workshops and facilitation engagement. We work directly with your teams and managers to identify stumbling blocks, help define and set realistic goals, and offer strategic and practical advice to help them become more effective leaders and better communicators.



An energizing, interactive, and structured group coaching/training experience, focused on collectively learning new skills or enhancing professional development.

Meeting Facilitation

Meeting Facilitation

An efficient, productive, and inclusive meeting approach where specific outcomes are achieved. Led by a meeting facilitator, a group moves through a process together, with all participants involved in discussions and decision-making.

What our clients say

“Ann-Marie and her team have given me a great perspective and refreshing tools on what drives high-powered sales teams. The Tilt365 tool has given us the permission to pause and reflect to be much more self aware of what is needed in various leadership scenarios. The workshop helped us identify how we can apply ourselves more effectively with our team and customers.”

"Archer & Associates had a profound and positive impact on our team. The facilitation and tools gave a new level of team awareness and cohesiveness that immediately improved our group's alignment, team productivity, and employee satisfaction. All team members now have a clear individual and collective purpose. We are experiencing less conflict and obstacles in our day-to-day activities."


Workshops focus on collectively learning new skills or enhancing professional development. Participants embrace new ways of thinking, build trust, and gain understanding of people’s strengths and differences. Archer & Associates often use assessment-based resources such as Tilt 365 and Diamond Power Index as part of our workshops.

Example Topics

  • Hands-On Team Transformation
  • Agile Mindsets for Professional Growth and Team Agility
  • Roadmap to Action: Career Next Steps
  • Whole Person Leadership for Women
  • Understanding Executive Presence and Putting it into Practice
  • The Power of “Power” and How to Use It
  • Leadership Behavior for Teams
  • Staying Balanced During Change

In addition to the examples above, we have workshops that address many other subjects or themes. We can customize workshops based on your specific needs.

What to expect

Workshops are a hands-on and rewarding experience for groups of all sizes. Archer & Associates can lead single and multi-day workshops, both online and site-based, depending on your company's needs.

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We are often asked to recommend books on coaching, leadership, communication, career development, and other professional and personal growth topics.

That's why we have compiled a list of books that we find thought-provoking and enjoyable. Click below to start exploring!

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Meeting Facilitations

Facilitation helps groups have efficient, productive, and inclusive meetings where specific outcomes are achieved. Experience shows that people are often more motivated to support decisions made in facilitated meetings. They feel more empowered about their ideas and participation and stay better invested in the organization overall.

Example Situations

  • Building the Ideal Executive Team
  • Fostering Executive Cohesion & Trust During Leadership Change
  • Aligning Across Competing Strategic Priorities
  • Addressing Organizational Structure Accompanying Mergers and Acquisition
  • Establishing Accountability and Responsibility For Decision Making
  • Combining Disparate Teams, People, Culture

In addition to the situations above, we have facilitated meetings that address many other sensitive or difficult topics and needs. Please contact us for additional information.

What to expect

A meeting facilitator is the group's well-trained guide, moving people through a process together, ensuring everyone can be involved in discussions, can be "clearly heard and understood," and participate cohesively in making decisions. Good facilitators stay neutral, earn trust, and treat participants as equals.

Our facilitation services will be customized to your needs. Archer & Associates can lead single and multi-day meetings, both online and site-based, depending on your company's needs.


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Executive & Career Coaching

Executive & Career Coaching

Designed to help executives and teams progress more effectively toward goals or career progress, we use a series of consultative conversations coupled with a specific path of action to achieve
measurable results.



Increase the value and impact of your corporate events and organizational meetings with a professional speaker that captures attendee interest and offer insights to grow their professional capabilities.

Achieve meaningful and measurable professional growth today!

Whether you’re an executive looking to take the next step in your professional growth or part of a team that wants to work together more effectively, we can help. Contact us to schedule a complementary and confidential 30-minute conversation regarding your needs.

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