Aligning Beliefs by Examining our Historical Influences

June 26, 2024
Aligning Beliefs by Examining our Historical Influences

To move forward with clarity and purpose in our identity, career, leadership values, and life, we first take a thoughtful look at our historical influences and beliefs. Our past, rich with experiences and lessons, forms the foundation of who we are today. By exploring our personal history and the broader cultural narratives that have shaped us, we uncover the deep-seated beliefs and assumptions that influence our decisions, often without us even realizing it. This self-awareness allows us to question and refine these beliefs, ensuring they align with our current values and aspirations rather than unconsciously steering our choices.


One critical aspect of this process is examining our family of origin, which encompasses relationships with money, power, and other significant factors. Understanding these dynamics allows us to recognize the foundational beliefs we've inherited and decide consciously which of these beliefs we want to retain and which we need to reconsider to create a more aligned and intentional future. For example, if someone comes from a lineage of German farmers in the Midwest, we discuss the values tied to that heritage, such as hard work, community involvement, and self-reliance. We explore the narratives and lessons imparted during their upbringing, identifying the key values and beliefs that were emphasized.


Landon's family of origin profoundly influenced his leadership style and his decision to enter consulting services. Growing up, Landon experienced a directive, top-down approach from his parents, which often left him feeling unheard. This dynamic carried over into his professional life, where he struggled with managing upwards and confronting leadership in ways that made his voice heard and valued. We explored these patterns from his past to understand how they were impacting his present interactions.


In our work together, Landon became more aware of the moments when anger and frustration arose from feeling misunderstood or challenged. He began experimenting with new versions of himself that were more aligned with his core values. This journey led him to a career in consulting, where he developed and refined his process, testing it with willing clients. The success of these trials not only validated his methods but also provided him with a sense of being heard and respected, as he was hired as the expert.


What was tough was digging deep into the underlying issues and having those hard conversations with myself. It's not comfortable. ~Landon


As a consultant, Landon found his relationships with clients to be deep and rewarding. He no longer reported to them but served them, which dissolved the old patterns of authority challenges. This shift allowed Landon to thrive in a role where his insights were valued, and his expertise was sought after, leading to a more fulfilling and impactful career.


We get to choose what we take forward as core beliefs, deciding which historical values resonate with us and which we want to leave behind. This conscious selection process allows us to carry forward only those beliefs that truly align with our authentic selves. ~Ann-Marie Archer


In navigating career choices, understanding our family of origin issues and unpacking the core beliefs we carry with us can profoundly guide us towards a path that aligns with our true aspirations and values. Through introspection and reflection on past experiences, such as mismatches in roles, and challenges in communication, we gain clarity on what environments and roles resonate with us authentically. This self-awareness helped Landon decide that  perhaps running one's own company is the optimal path, driven by a desire to embody contribute meaningfully to businesses that create tangible products without having to deal with the limitations of tops-down management hierarchies. By embracing this understanding, we can learn to navigate our careers with greater purpose and fulfillment, creating the work and life where we thrive.

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