From Magic to Methodology

March 14, 2024
From Magic to Methodology

“It was lockdown, metaphorically and literally. And as Jane and I stared at each other from our respective home offices, with vulnerability behind her eyes, we began to address the challenges she was facing in her career. She came to coaching looking for an unbiased, dedicated teammate to tackle her ongoing issues, and as we jumped in with both feet, she told me her story.” -An excerpt from Ann-Marie’s forthcoming book, coming in 2024


From Magic to Methodology


Jane's journey began with a candid acknowledgment of the challenges within her career. Expressing the sensation of an unknown impediment to her growth, Ann-Marie cultivated a safe space for collaboration, free from judgment. This laid the foundation for us to explore her leadership style and decision-making process.

A pivotal realization for Jane was the necessity to codify her decision-making methodology. Often relying on instinct and intuition, she had yet to consider the power of a structured framework. As she aptly reflected back, "I should probably have decision-making principles and a framework for how I do things. I just do them, and it's the magic of me." Together, Ann-Marie and Jane worked on unraveling the intricacies of her methodology, transforming the perceived magic into a demonstrable, teachable, and shareable asset.

As they redirected Jane's highly proactive instincts, and tilted toward a data-driven approach, a balance emerged, unlocking her fuller potential. Her values underwent a metamorphosis, transitioning from foundational beliefs of directness and quick decision-making to a mindful consideration of each situation's requirements. Quick actions were now backed by data to support and reinforce them. And her career began to positively reflect these changes.

A significant and powerful shift in Jane's leadership style and language emerged. The shift from reacting to responding became a cornerstone of what Ann-Marie refers to as, “considerate leadership”. Acknowledging the uniqueness of each situation, her role transformed from being the repository of issues to offering thoughtful instructions, which reinforced her core belief: "I do believe that regardless of the situation, I will be okay and I will figure it out. I will always be responsible."

Jane's transformation rippled through her life, and she was able to reclaim time for personal pursuits, setting boundaries, and optimizing existing tasks. This not only empowered Jane but also created a positive impact on her team. The ongoing results of codifying her own process exemplify the power of conscious leadership and its potential impact on personal and professional outcomes.



  • The Power of Reframing: Transformative outcomes can arise from reframing the narrative surrounding challenges.
  • Significance and Power of Codifying Methodologies: Structuring decision-making processes and codifying methodologies transforms perceived magic into teachable and shareable assets. Embracing one's process as an opportunity for growth is crucial.
  • Transformative Impact of Conscious Leadership: Balancing instinct-driven and data-driven approaches, while being considerate of each situation, leads to a harmonious and expansive leadership style.
  • Jane's journey serves as a testament to the potential for growth, transformation, and empowerment within executive coaching. It highlights the profound influence of conscious leadership in navigating the intricacies of executive career advancement.


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