Own Your Energy and Hold Your Space

February 13, 2024
Own Your Energy and Hold Your Space

In the dynamic landscape of professional growth, Ann-Marie interviewed long-time client, Jenna, about her coaching journey and how it exemplifies the transformative power of owning your energy and holding your space. Facing challenges head-on, Jenna navigated the complexities of executive presence, striking a delicate balance between confidence and chaos.  

Reviewing a 25+ year career journey that weaves through the dynamic landscapes of startups and tech giants, Jenna is a seasoned professional with a wealth of experiences, navigating the challenges and triumphs of both worlds.  

Here's a closer look at Jenna's inspiring story: 

Navigating the Messy Bits 

Balancing the Bubbles: Jenna faced the challenge of presenting an executive bearing while maintaining her naturally bubbly energy. Too much exuberance proved off-putting, requiring a strategic approach to harness the right amount. Jenna was tasked with observing how she was showing up and holding her own space. 

Composure Amidst Chaos: Holding composure and giving herself the grace of not having all the answers emerged as key elements in Jenna's journey. Her resilience allowed her to navigate challenging moments with authenticity and emotional regulation. 

The Hard and the Effective

Vulnerability as Strength: Similar to weightlifting, Jenna found strength in embracing short-term discomfort as a catalyst for personal growth. 

Letting Go: Success came from Jenna's willingness to let go of old filters and embrace the present. This transformation allowed her to break free from limiting beliefs and outdated ways of showing up. 

Aha Moments and Transformations

Empowered Presence: One of many aha moments was a realization that she was continually giving away her power. By managing her energy and adopting situational awareness, she shifted from being a passive participant to an empowered observer. 

Shifting Perspectives: Confrontation, once a source of discomfort, became manageable as Jenna embraced the “observation tower” mindset. This shift allowed her to negotiate challenges with ease and admit mistakes without fear. 

Values, Beliefs, and Self-Discovery

Grieving and Rebirth: Jenna underwent a profound change in values, detaching from blame, and liberating herself from external judgments. The grieving process led to the rebirth of her exuberance, now perceived as passionate confidence. 

Executive-Level Growth: Coaching set Jenna on a fast-track to an executive-level position within six weeks. Armed with newfound strategies, she navigated challenging employee dynamics and expanded her team exponentially. 

Evolution of Self

Kindness and Confidence: Jenna's relationship with herself transformed into one of kindness and core confidence. Confidence in crisis, a knack for setting boundaries, and a refusal to run from conflict cemented her ability to hold space for herself and own her energy. 

Artistic Pursuits: Beyond professional success, coaching shifted Jenna’s time management to enable her to explore creative passions. Now an artist and performer in her spare time, she emphasizes the importance of pursuing personal consciousness and abandoning the notion of a "big purpose." 

Empowering Others

Setting the Example: Jenna's journey isn't just personal growth—it's a blueprint for building better relationships, navigating evolving business landscapes, and fostering leadership skills. 

A Call to Authenticity: Unwiring old behaviors, Jenna advocates for continuous personal growth, allowing people to show up authentically, and in new ways. She emphasizes the importance of flexibility in narratives and the power of evolution at work, in relationships, and even in her family. 

In essence, Jenna's story is a testament to the profound impact of owning her energy and holding her space, as she not only transformed herself but also became a source of inspiration for those around her. It's a reminder that true growth comes when we embrace change, authenticity, and the power within ourselves. 

Stay tuned for more compelling narratives, where clients like Jenna will inspire professionals to own their energy and navigate the corporate landscape with authenticity and resilience. #OwnYourEnergy #ProfessionalGrowth #CoachingSuccess #LeadershipJourney

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