Courage is Remembering Who You Are

July 05, 2023
Courage is Remembering Who You Are

Courage is founded on, and comes from our core values; As long as we are in a state of awareness and connection with our core, then who we are drives what we do. Our core values serve as guiding principles that shape our behavior and decision-making process. It can be a powerful force for driving positive change and enables leaders to make bold and sometimes difficult decisions. As a leader, you will need a clear vision for the impact you want to make on your teams and the world. Personal beliefs and experiences play a crucial role in shaping this vision. You will draw upon personal values and convictions to define the direction you take and the impact you wish to create. This vision becomes a guiding force in decision-making, ensuring that your actions are aligned with your core.


When you remember who you are and what you value, then navigating big challenges and big decisions is straight forward. It's not always easy, but you know what to do. Leaders rely on their personal beliefs and values as a compass to guide their decision-making process. They reflect on their own moral and ethical principles, considering how their choices align with their deeply held convictions. By incorporating their values into decision making, leaders ensure their actions are consistent with their personal integrity and set an example for others to follow.


Louis likes to win, winning is fun. He is also honest, ethical, and team-oriented. Coaching helped him connect with his own center and develop confidence that he could do it his own way. His relationship to himself improved and his identity became less tied up with his current role. He was able to move through his career, gaining promotions and leading larger teams with his unique style, his sense of culture and family. He was also able to navigate a layoff with courage and find a new path forward when his long-time relationship with an organization came to an end. He feels confident dealing with big challenges because knowing who he is means he knows what to do.


Integrity involves consistently adhering to ethical principles and doing what is aligned with your core value, even when faced with challenges or pressure. Courage rooted in integrity enables leaders to stand up for their beliefs, speak the truth, and take necessary risks to uphold their values, even in the face of adversity.


I’m always looking for the most beautiful expression of the human - their highest good to themselves to others, their commitment, purpose, calling, or their commitment to the world.  ~Ann-Marie Archer


Remembering who you are also makes you a better team leader. For Louis, getting through his own stuff freed up his head to make time and space for people on his team. Louis believes that leaders need to be coached to experience what it feels like to be supported through the values discovery process, and can then share that experience with others. Personal experiences  enhance a leader's emotional intelligence, enabling them to empathize with others and make decisions that consider the emotional impact on individuals and teams. Leaders who have gone through their own challenges and setbacks can relate to the experiences of others, demonstrating compassion and understanding. This empathy helps leaders make decisions that prioritize the well-being and morale of their teams.


I'm not spinning in my head as much - stuck in thinking and rethinking. Having an outlet and planned time to work through challenges and decisions in a more formalized way allows me to move forward with the right actions, and let it go. I feel good on Friday. It's done and I can move into spending time with family. ~Louis


Through targeted questioning and exercises, an executive coach can help you uncover and connect with your core values, aligning your actions and decisions with what truly matters to you. Working with an executive coach provides a supportive and structured environment for self-reflection, exploration, and guidance. 


It has to do with clarity - helping someone see their core vision and values. What it is that brings them their greatest joy and their greatest contribution. ~Ann-Marie Archer

One tool any leader can use to move toward greater connection with core values is journaling. Journaling had a profound impact on Julie's life, helping her connect with her core values and beliefs. Initially skeptical about the concept, Julie reluctantly started journaling as part of her personal leadership journey. However, as she consistently wrote and reflected on her entries, a remarkable transformation took place. She began to notice recurring themes and trends in her own writings, particularly regarding what truly mattered to her in a job. This introspective process allowed her to gain valuable insights and a clearer understanding of her aspirations and desires. Years into the process, she continues to reflect on her journal entries, going back into the past to find the patterns.


Through intentional reflection on my past journal entries, I discovered that the themes and trends I identified years ago are still applicable to my life today, albeit in slightly different manifestations. And once I was able to articulate what I was looking for and be clear on it myself, then I was able to communicate that to employers and land my next role. ~Julie


The beauty of journaling lies in its ability to capture your thoughts and uncover the hidden depths of your subconscious. By faithfully transcribing your inner musings onto paper, you open the door to self-discovery and self-awareness. Journaling will enable you to align your life with your true self, unlocking a transformative path towards living a fulfilling and purpose-driven life. So, at Archer & Associates, we encourage leaders to embrace journaling as a powerful tool for exploring core values and beliefs, and allowing those insights guide you towards a more authentic existence by remembering who you are.

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