Unleashing Leadership: How Coaching Helped Daniel Find Strength in his Roots

August 03, 2023
Unleashing Leadership: How Coaching Helped Daniel Find Strength in his Roots

Coaching is not limited to those in crisis; in fact, Archer & Associates often works with individuals who have already attained significant success. They understand the value of having a partner on their journey, someone who can help them build upon their accomplishments and create a solid foundation for future endeavors. The coaching process allows them to deepen their understanding of themselves and replicate their successes consistently.


Daniel, a seasoned Sales executive with over 15 years of experience, achieved his goal of a promotion three years ago and is now determined to secure his next promotion, marking the completion of this phase of his career journey. Currently leading the revamp of his sales organization, Daniel excels in driving operational success and performance. Known for his intuitive nature, exceptional leadership skills, and genuine humility, he is highly respected by his team and recognized as a true salesperson who deeply values his family and expresses gratitude in all aspects of his life.  Daniel is a remarkable example of someone who is already highly successful, accomplished, and recognized in his field who found value in coaching. Despite his already successful career and senior management level, he was offered an opportunity to work with a coach. He was skeptical at first - when one is used to being the coach, being coached requires a mind shift. Taking his own advice, Daniel acknowledged that he could use coaching for himself the same way he was providing value to others in his organization.


Coaching does not always involve dramatic transformations or major life changes. Sometimes, it focuses on seemingly ordinary aspects of life. However, these seemingly mundane areas often serve as the building blocks of personal growth. By having a coach as a partner, individuals can receive reflections and insights that help them reconnect with their true selves. This process deepens their relationship with themselves and allows them to operate from a place they may have overlooked.


Daniel had never previously engaged in a formal coaching relationship. The formality of the coaching process appealed to him, as it offered a unique opportunity for authentic and genuine communication. Also, the idea of working with someone external to his organization intrigued him, as it allowed for unbiased guidance. At a point in his career where he had been in the same role for an extended period, Daniel sought differentiation and guidance for navigating the next stage of his professional journey. Throughout their coaching relationship, he discovered his core values, clarified his professional identity, and explored the potential for a new chapter in his career. Initially unsure about the direction it would take, Daniel remained open to reinventing himself, which had been a consistent approach in his career.


The questions Ann-Marie asks work. It’s having partnership to do deeper self-exploration. The coaching relationship also provides a framework for accountability, holding me accountable for the actions as opposed to just the conversation. I never anticipated the value of having someone help me get it out, listen, play it back, and then ask 'what are you going to do?' ~Daniel


What is most significant about Daniel's journey is the confidence he gained through coaching. This newfound confidence serves as his core strength, enabling him to approach life with self-assurance and make decisions from a place of deep understanding. Daniel's story exemplifies that coaching is not reserved for those who are broken or stuck; rather, it is a transformative process that benefits individuals at any stage of their personal and professional journeys.


Reflecting on his successful leadership experience of leading a team of 49 people through a major business reorganization, Daniel recalled a comment from someone who recognized his ability to transition the team into a new culture, which affirmed his success. The reorganization was significant as it involved four directors, including Daniel, moving from one VP to another, a historical event at his organization. The restructuring attracted a lot of attention, and many people were watching Daniel to see how he would navigate the changes. When his manager remarked that Daniel could write a masterclass on how to lead this kind of organizational change, Daniel knew he'd been successful. He gained confidence by defining his own leader attributes and embracing them, allowing him to approach leadership in his unique way. One of his core values is accessibility, as he personally values leaders who have been accessible to him. Comfort with his authentic self enables Daniel to show up genuinely and be true to who he is.


Daniel likes to win, winning is fun. He is also honest, ethical, and team oriented. Coaching helped him connect with his own center and develop confidence that he could do it his own way. His relationship to himself improved and his identity became less tied to his current role. He was able to move through his career, gaining promotions and leading larger teams with his unique style, his sense of culture and family. He was also able to navigate a layoff with courage and find a new path forward when his long-time relationship with an organization came to an end. He feels confident dealing with big challenges because knowing who he is means he knows what to do.


Leadership is quite simple: You set the strategy, you deploy, then you repeat. It may be complex, but the framework is simple and cyclic. In life, if your strategy needs to change, then change it. This realization helps me constantly move forward. ~Daniel


Coaching supported Daniel along a journey of foundational self-discovery required to thrive as a leader and exude unwavering confidence in his decision-making. It began with connecting deeply with the essence of who he truly was, the personal and family stories that shaped him, his heritage, and embracing his core values. These aspects served as the bedrock from which everything else emanated. Being in tune with his true self, Daniel now experiences a seamless flow in his endeavors, reducing the need for constant self-questions. Engaging in this foundational self-discovery work allowed Daniel to move swiftly into action and repeat the process as needed. Every step he takes relates back to his core values and the essence of who he is. Consequently, he can make choices with ease and navigate strategies effortlessly, knowing that they will lead him down a path that truly aligns with his authentic self. In essence, investing in this self-discovery journey not only granted him the self-assurance he needed as a leader, but it also ensures that his actions and decisions consistently reflect his deepest values. It empowers him to make well-informed choices, act decisively, and continuously generate outcomes that are in perfect harmony with his true self.


My roots are my riches; You be you and let others shine through - this is my mantra. ~Daniel


Once Daniel aligned his choices and strategies with his values and purpose, decision-making became a breeze. He now possesses the clarity to discern whether an action or strategy resonates with what he holds dear and the vision he aspires to manifest. This alignment empowers him to confidently say "yes" or "no" based on what genuinely aligns with his mission. Daniel discovered that when you have, you build, and you rely on your character, leadership will come. Go back to your character and that will get you through anything. Learn more about how coaching can help you connect with and take action on your core values.

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